Why Choose the Off Road Jib

We have been developing and improving the Off Road Jib since 2010. In this time we have worked on all sorts of productions from live Springwatch to dramas such as Sherlock and Broadchurch. With the Diesel 6x4 Gator we can get into and more importantly out again of most places, including previously impossible locations. Achieving multiple setups in a day, quickly and safely, it gives excellent value. On a large production we are able to rig and be ready off set, drive in, get the shot and then clear the set allowing filming to continue, then reposition onto the next setup without delaying filming. The Electric Gator was developed for Springwatch to allow silent repositioning. We are now able to do the big opening shot then silently reposition to the next location meters away from the presenters whilst they are still live on air. This is also useful on large multi camera productions, where you can’t make a noise whilst other units are filming, or in sensitive locations where minimum disruption is required. Both vehicles offer excellent value for money in terms of speed and quantity of shots created in a day. As well as accessing previously unworkable locations. For more information, to discuss a shoot or get a quote, please get in touch.

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  • The Two Machines
    The Two Machines
  • Springwatch Sunset - Suffolk
    Springwatch Sunset - Suffolk
  • Crimewatch in Cornwall
    Crimewatch in Cornwall
  • Springwatch Cotswolds
    Springwatch Cotswolds
  • Wild Flower Meadows - Leeds
    Wild Flower Meadows - Leeds
  • Children's Drama at Chatsworth
    Children's Drama at Chatsworth
  • Springwatch Wales
    Springwatch Wales
  • Humber Bridge
    Humber Bridge
  • Springwatch Cotswold
    Springwatch Cotswold


Find out more about all the different aspects of the Off Road Jibs

6x4 Diesel

The Go Anywhere Machine

This is the original Off Road Jib. Based on the John Deere Gator this 6 wheeled, 4 wheeled driven buggy can get almost anywhere. With a selection of tyres to suit the ground we can get up mountains and across stately homes lawns without any problems.

Electric Engine

Silently Does it

The electric buggy was developed for shoots where a noisy vehicle wouldn't work. It has proved its worth on many jobs but none more than live Springwatch.

Safety First

Repositioning safely

The most likely time to have an accident with a jib is when its being repositioned. Especially on rough terrain. With the Off Road Jib it is now possible to reposition a jib quickly and on locations where it just wouldn't be possible to move safely.

Fast Relocating

Maximising the day

How often do you recce a location and say we would love a jib, but it would just be one shot. Well now we can get in and around a site in the same time it takes to walk. We have achieved on large sites multiple set ups when previously it might have just been a couple. No more de rigging and re rigging. Just drive from shot to shot.

Adrian Croome

Owner Operator

Adrian has been swinging jibs since 1998. Over the years he has amassed a huge amount of experience in all aspects of Film & TV and worked on all sorts of shows. He bring this experience, passion and enthusiasm to every job.

What the clients think

Here are just a few comments from clients and crew.

James Morgan

Series Director

I have worked with Adrian for over a decade. He has always been an exceptional jib operator and one of the first to offer the off-road gator option.
Using the gator has revolutionised the way we film with a jib in live and pre-recorded programmes.The jib with gator has made it versatile and great value for money enabling the jib to reposition during a live show and get amazing shots from positions that haven’t in the past been accessible.

Marc Tempest

Key Grip - DCI Banks Series 1

We had numerous shots on very inaccessible areas we needed to achieve which would have been very difficult without using the Off road jib , we were able to achieve these shots and then rig for a boat explosion , all done on the jib arm .
These things were done efficiently by Adrian and his team and the production where very happy with our results.

Emma Reynolds

Series Director

The off road jib is an absolute lifesaver. When you need to have the beauty of using a jib and all the shots it can offer, but the location you are shooting in has rough terrain, the off road jib provides the answer. Whenever I find myself filming in a “difficult to get to” location, I always turn to Adrian and his team to solve my problem. I can’t recommend him highly enough.